Design Matters: Glass Details That Can Change Your Style And Life

Glass is the main asset that brings light to bright spaces, which is comfortable and safe. It offers many benefits to designers and users to decorate or develop interior spaces or outdoor, residential

or professional.

Healthy material and easy to maintain, the glass imposes its trend in development interior to compose furniture and cupboards.

For example :

• horizontally in plane of work or in tablets,

• vertically in panels doors or upholstery background.

Designing and decorating with glass

·         Enjoy natural light by using glass for cozy and bright home design!

The glass lets in natural light in living and working spaces. This contribution is beneficial for

health and saves on artificial lighting. Of plus, use of translucent glasses allows to reconcile natural light and intimacy.

·         Extend the visual field and preserve tranquility and comfort by using glass and fictail home decoration.

In separate, transparency of glass makes it the material favorite to design widely open places, friendly and conducive to trades. In wall cladding or in decoration, the mirror, for example, contributes to visual comfort. It returns almost completely light it receives, thereby increasing the overall brightness of a room. Moreover, in large format, it gives depth. The use of the mirror then contributes to comfort visual of the occupants

·         Using glass in design means design with audacity, safety and elegance.

The mechanical strength of the glass makes it possible to design large developments sizes with fine structures and elegant, in complete safety.

5 inspirational home design trends for decoration and interior fittings

1.      Urban

Inspired by atmospheres loft and industrial, urban favors raw materials, strict lines, shades

stone and metal, and cold mineral colors. The color palette comes in a multitude of gray colored, style rigorous and assertive, which contrast with the white pure and deep black. The decor goes to the essential, dares modernity and assumes its urban roots. The use of glass and fictail home decoration will make the overall design of your house feel modern yet cozy.

2.      Lounge

A creative nod to chic vintage! Ambiances classics have been revisited and celebrate the decoration of old. Intense blue, red deep and velvety, dark colors, textures and shades sign

sophisticated spaces where you feel good.

3.      Nature

Bring nature home you. Play with the colors, shapes and patterns of inspiration vegetable and mineral, for you create an interior bright, harmonious and conducive to relaxation.

4.      Cocoon

Warm neutrals, gentle curves and textures that evoke wood, plants, earth, natural tones and soothing. Cocoon trend sign comfortable spaces and warm. A classic inspiration, a  safe and lasting value.

Quality matters is home design

There are 3 types of glasses that guarantee security in case breakage:

• tempered glass type which owns mechanical resistance and increased thermal.

It is used wherever the slice is visible and when the glass supports a load in addition to his own weight (all glass doors, walls, showers, tables, tablets, etc.).

Tempered glass can be used near a source of heat, as a background hood.

• typical laminated glass which is ideal for making fills: doors, partitions with uprights, furniture fronts or even railing (concerning the composition glazing, ask for advice

to a professional).

• collage of a safe film on the glass to avoid the fall of vulnerable fragments in case of breakage. Reserved opaque glazing, this method is inexpensive and usually enough to secure cupboard doors or wall cladding.

So why home design matter?

Because the use of glass and fictail in home decoration and design gives you benefits of healthy space and the ease to care. The glass alone is totally inorganic, it emits no volatile organic compound. For only laminated glasses, the mirrors or lacquered glasses are subject to regulatory labeling.

The other benefit of using glass and fictail in home design is durability and ease of maintenance.

Thanks to its perfectly smooth surface, partial reduction or total joints and its resistance to the main products maintenance and washing, glass is a healthy material and easy to maintain. A sponge stroke is usually enough to clean it.

For hygiene, thanks to its smooth surface and its resistance washing products, glass is an easy material to maintain. The pose in large size limit the number of joints and therefore

the clogging that is often associated.

It is possible to decorate interior or exterior walls with glass panels. However, for an application in

the type of glass will be different because, in accordance with regulations and the rules of the art, the use of security is compulsory hardened or laminated, depending on case.

You can choose the glass with digital printing. A unique decor can then be printed on the glass surface, for architectural and design projects inside or simply customizing a background. Thermoformed glasses and colored by printing digital can also be considered in the range of colors.